Friday, June 17, 2005

New Pix Posted

We posted new pictures to the picture page or click on the link to the right under "links." We will post here everytime we do or you can just scroll to the bottom of the picture page to the "last additions" section to see if anything is new for you. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Short Version Of Our Move

If you want all the gory details read the next post and skip this one.

Well, we finally feel like we can take a breath. It has been a long few weeks. We packed up everything we own and shipped it from Baltimore to Maple Valley, Washington. We drove three days with Trevor to Utah. We spent some time with family and friends then drove two vehicles with Trevor and Beckham to our new home in Washington. It took a while to get everything squared away for the closing, but we made it. We have been spending the rest of our time replacing all the carpet and installing some hardwood floors where we didn't put carpet. We love the house and our new ward. That and Trevor's new friends have made the transition much easier than we expected.

Long version of our move

Dear Family and Friends,
Things have been very crazy for us the last couple of weeks since we started our cross country trek. We sent Beckham with Carson’s mom on a plane and drove our Passat to Utah with Trevor. He was an angel the entire three day drive. He was so much better than he is at home, it made us consider keeping him in the car all the time! Each day we would wake up, drive, pull over only for fast food to eat in the car or bathroom breaks and drive until we reached our campground. We would set up our tent, go to bed, then get up and do it all again. Crazy! Trevor spent a lot of time drawing in his new notebook and making snakes with his play dough. Finally on the afternoon of the third day we reached Salt Lake City.
While in Salt Lake (and on our stop over in Boise) we were able to spend some time with some great friends and Carson’s family. We picked up Beckham and the Jeep and drove to our new home in Washington...not quite. We were supposed to close on a Thursday, but we didn’t close until the following Thursday. The loan officer got very sick and tried to finish our loan herself. Every day she said, “we just need one more thing,” but then we would hear the same thing the next day. After a week of nervousness and trying to reschedule everything else that was planned for the move in, we finally were given the keys to our new home!
We love the house and our new ward. There are a ton of young families. The Primary has 16 active Sunbeams. Trevor has already made of lot of new friends which has made the move much better. We have also made some new friends. The women have scrapbook parties every Friday. Carson was considering selling his Xbox now that dental school was over, but he has already been invited to play with the all the other 25 to 40 year old guys and the 42” HDTVs. He can’t wait to test his skills against the other guys.
Once we got into our new home, we flew Carson’s sister out to help us install hardwood floors in the living room and family room to match what was in the kitchen and entryway. The carpet was delayed, but is finally in. We finished moving everything into the rooms today and now we have to organize it. Our new phone number is 425-432-4410. We will be posting more pictures to our website soon. Carson gets his dental license in less than two weeks. He can’t wait to start working. He went in to the office to get familiar with everything and had a hard time remembering to introduce himself as Dr. Calderwood instead of Carson.
Marisa is ready to move onto painting. Going to the paint store and figuring out which colors to use where has been lots of fun. We would love for anybody to come and stay with us, so if you are in the area or just want to come see the great Pacific Northwest, let us know!
There are so many things we are excited about in addition to what we have already written. We are three houses down from a great children’s park. There you can see Mount Rainier so close that if it ever becomes a volcano again we are in trouble! It is so nice to be out of school!

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