Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paintball & Tre reading

First off, we are excited that Tre is getting better at reading and spelling. He read the sign to Party City a few weeks ago and is starting to really put words together. There is one side effect though. I came out to my dirty car the other day and saw this...

Last Saturday a few of my friends and I went paint balling. It was my first time. I have wanted to go for a loooong time. It was just as much fun, if not more than I thought it would be. While there there were some professional paint ballers doing some scenarios. This dude was the sniper. If dentistry doesn't pan out for me, paint ball sniper is number 2 on my list!

This one wasn't me giving or receiving luckily, can you say "ouch?"

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Here is an update on the boys. The other day Trey used his craft stuff to make a paper bottle for the baby. He put the bottle where it should go and wanted Marisa to take a picture, so here it is.
Marisa made Bex some mac-n-cheese for lunch. She stepped out of the room to get something and when she came back, this is what she saw. He did see the movie Elf, so that might be the source of this eccentricity.
Now that Caeden is three months old here are some pictures of him and his brothers at the same age. First thee are Caeden, next three Beckham and last three are Trevor.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rant and Rave

Two posts in one day...new record. This one has been a long time coming though. I hear the new Rod Stewart cover of the CCR song "Who'll stop the rain?" about 2 times each day on the office radio station and I cringe. I hate Rod Stewart! I don't loathe him because I like the song Maggie May that he did, but I hate him for two reasons. One reason is this remake that he did. Credence Clearwater Revival is on my top 5 favorite bands of all time because they were very influential to me as a teenager. Back then they were #1 on my music list.

Rod's cover is a weak rendition that doesn't....uhmm...I can't think of the words in my moment of frustration other than the song sucks...sorry for the language. I guess it isn't an adequate rendition of the "feel" the lyrics impart. Kind of like the Alanis version of "My Humps" that Collette posted on her blog the other day, only that was purposefully tongue in cheek where Rod's version it seems is intentional...seriously?, yes seriously! Who'll stop the rain is one of CCR's best 2-3 songs, with Bad Moon Rising probably being my favorite.

My original reason for hating Rod is not his weird hair do's that he had in the 70's when he wore leapord print spandex like a latex glove on a dentist w/ fingers so fat he scares kids. My original hate for Rod for is due to his song Forever Young and a couple of bad experiences I had w/ it at the age of 14. This is the age I stared going to stake dances and at this time they were tri-stake, so very large. There was a favorite slow song of mine called Forever Young, by Alphaville.

You might recognize it as the slow song played at the dance in Napolean Dynamite. Anyway, I loved this song back then. A couple of times I had put some money in a jukebox and saw the song title Forever Young. In my excitement and unfamiliarity w/ jukeboxes I hurried and typed in the corresponding song number w/o looking at the artist. Much to my dismay the song that played was Rod's forever young. With very little money and lots of anticipation, not getting to hear my desired version of Forever Young left me with a disgust for the funny looking man. Now this distaste has been compounded w/ his anemic rendition of a classic. I don't know who has it worse, Rod w/ his funky past or me having to suffer listening to his song every day...

Drive to work

This one is for my Dad. We live on the edge of where suburbia meets the countryside. Behind our development is forestland that you can walk all the way to Mount Rainier in if you wanted. Because of that there are a lot of animals that frequent our city like elk, deer, bear and even a rumored cougar. This morning, like yesterday and many others, I saw a heard of elk on my way to work.

Today these elk had jumped a tall fence and were grazing inside a water retention facility. The elk in Washington are larger bodied, but have smaller antlers and are known as the Roosevelt elk. Here is what one looks like up close.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More parent's pix

Here are the boys making animal cupcakes.

Lion, frog, lady bug, pig, yellow and blue birds and monkeys...

Sunday, April 15, 2007


We went to Portland for a dental conference. As I finally got approval from the city for construction of the building my practice will go in I am in a position to start getting equipment. We also have a few friends in Oregon that we wanted to visit like the Johnston's, Shahram and the Kato's. We were able to see Jeremy a couple times and have a good lunch w/ him and Selena. It was fun to reminise on days gone by and how much better it is to not be a student...sorry all you guys that went on to specialize, but you'll be laughing at us in a couple years when we visit your private islands in the Carribean.

My parents came out to watch the boys while we were gone. It is always a win/win/win situation. My parents love spending time with the boys, playing games with them, taking them to McDonalds, etc. The boys love all the special attention and we love the break. I only wish it could happen more often.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


A few of our friends recently started a blog, while viewing theirs I saw a few others, and added them to the list to the left. Its nice to see others start bloggin' so we can all keep up with each other. It gets a little hard otherwise with busy families spread out all over the country.

On Sunday we went for a family bike ride. There is a trail that goes around our housing development. We have a hard time biking because the boys keep wanting to get out and look at the animals and ponds. This pic below is Bex carrying his shades like he always does. He loves to wear them, but insists on wearing them upside down.

Risa took a picture of me looking off in the distance at the boys. I look really mad though w/ those dark clouds in the distance and the straight stare.

This is a pretty sad picture since Caeden finished eating and got a lot of it on his shirt, but I had to post a picture of his rolley-polley cheeks. He started sleeping through the night a little over a week ago. Just in time for my parents who are coming to watch the boys as we take off for a couple days.