Sunday, July 31, 2005

Summer Fun

We just got back from a great weekend with some college friends (Runyans & Schicks). It was great to spend time with them and play like college kids again...staying up late and playing cards after a hard day of wakeboarding and biking! The pictures are being posted to the picture page as well.

By the way, many people have asked us to post pics about our house. We put those on the picture page as well under a new folder - House.

It looks like I am going to have to eat my anti-blogger words...I am posting to this site way more than I thought I would. It is kind of turning into little abstracts of my journal...or what my journal would say if I did a more consistant job of writing one.

Beckham has started to babble instead of just crying when he wants to communicate. He has more of a tan than Marisa and rolled over for the first time today, both front to back and vice versa! He thinks Tre is the coolest person in the world and has demoted mom and dad to best friends numbers two and three :(

Friday, July 08, 2005

July 4th

New Pix Posted!

We had a great time with our neighbors this fourth. After the barbeques we gathered at the house across the street for a multifamily firework show. The laws are MUCH looser here in Washington where there isn't a fear of burning the entire state to the ground and it resulted in a great show for the kids.