Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Two weeks ago I took the boys fishing. It was pretty weak having done some serious fishing as a kid to only take my boys to a little pond with stocked fish, but they have been dying to use their fishing poles that they got for Christmas. The fishing was almost too easy, but Bex and Trey loved it. Caeden stayed home with mom :-(

I have tried to make sure my kids know they are eating what used to be an animal when eating meat. I don't want them to suddenly one day have the trauma of realizing they are eating the flesh of what used to be a living creature. When the fish were in a bucket Trey said that it is a little sad that they have to die for us to eat them. I gave him my usual quick reply of well every meat we eat is muscle from an animal. He said, "Yeah but hamburger is from a cow. They are stupid, you can walk up to them, stick a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger." Whoa! Maybe I taught that too well. Later talking to him we realized he learned that idea from watching Napoleon Dynamite! "Sweeeet."

Each boy caught 2 fish then we called it quits, gutted them, headed home and fried 'em up.

On Sunday Marisa had to go early to church. I usually get them together since I shower and get ready in about 5.73 minutes. This time with no mother around I got a little excited and decided to "do the boys' hair" my way....I have always wanted to shave Bex's head. Since I was in charge of hair that day 100%, this is the haircut that Bex showed up to church with. I put a lot of gel in Caeden's hair and greased it all straight back Italian Mafia style! Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of that.

When he had hair we would usually do the faux-hawk on him. He loves "spikey" hair. So much now that he asked me to put his hair back on so he can do spikey hair again. The weird thing was that when we did it we thought he looked like shark boy. In the above pic he is doing half his normal smile and half his shark boy smile.

Here is a video of Caeden singing with Marisa when she puts him to bed. He always wants two songs at bedtime. I usually do my two (Families Can Be Together Forever, Love One Another) in Spanish, but he gets confused and just jibbers along, although you might say that is exactly what he is doing here with Risa....

Caeden Singing from Carson Calderwood on Vimeo.