Friday, April 22, 2011

Aspen's birthday

So, this was really 6 months ago but I never posted it, so just after Aspen turns 1 1/2, here's her first birthday party:

I was super excited to plan a girly party after Spiderman, pirate, sports, Pokemon and Lego parties (just to name a few)! I tried the tissue paper poms for the first time and hung them in our entryway and hung paper lanterns between the kitchen and family room:
and I made a banner with vinyl letters from my Silhouette:
We invited all of our friends who had babies within a couple of months of Aspen's birth (there were 6 of us due around the same time!) and here are 4 of the babies: Finn, Aspen, Eli and Carter

Every time we try to get a picture of the babies, at least one starts to cry (okay, usually Eli):
Here's her lighted cupcake, out of her reach:
She started into it delicately but that didn't last long...
Soon it was upside down
Then the headband had to come off
And of course we end with cupcake all over the table and floor, smashing it in her own face
I had the boys wrap up our old little people toys that had been unused for a while so they could give them to her (in the background) and my mom refinished her baby doll cradle for Aspen and gave her a doll with a handmade blanket
It was the day before Valentine's day so it was super easy to find pink and red candies

I made some cake pops and suckers and found fun little candy scoops at Walmart for all the different types of candy
And I made chocolate cupcakes with scalloped pink cream cheese frosting and little flag picks with pearls on top... okay, maybe a little overboard but it's MY FIRST GIRL and maybe my only girl!!
So this isn't a very cute picture of Aspen but it's the best I had of her wearing the shirt I made her with my Silhouette - I bought a pink tee and cut vinyl to say "birthday girl" and then did a rhinestone crown that you can kind of see at the top.
I liked how it turned out so I made a similar shirt for my niece for her 4th birthday:
I picked papers and embellishments from the "Tickled Pink"collection from My Mind's Eye and added a few of my own things for the banner, decor, scrapbook and thank you cards:
Here is the front view of the scrapbook when it's all folded up, I love the layers!

I did one picture for each month, starting with newborn and one month:
two months:
three months:
four months:
five months (not sure why I picked that picture?):
six months:
seven months (and still bald!):
eight months:
nine months:
So there you have it, Aspen's first birthday, February 13th 2011. Maybe I will post picture of this summer before she turns 2?