Sunday, December 27, 2009


We bought a real Christmas tree about 4 weeks ago and have definitely enjoyed the fresh smell... although it still is sometimes tempting to buy a pre-lit, perfectly shaped tree and just leave the ornaments on and store it ready-to-go in the garage! I gave the kids dinosaur pajamas on Christmas Eve. We have never done this on Christmas before, but the kids LOVE to match and they did need new pajamas.
Caeden looks old in a weird way in this picture but it's cute that they're hugging and they're so happy.
Beckham with his chipmunk smile:
I love staying home for Christmas. I feel badly that we can't be with both sets of grandparents at the same time, but it's SO much easier to just have Christmas morning at our house, with no traveling, no coordination, last-minute wrapping and our own beds to sleep in. Here are the kids waiting to go into the family room (please excuse the huge pregnant woman with the video camera):
The kids were so excited they were running and jumping everywhere... I feel like the word "active" only begins to describe my boys.
I love how Trey looks perfectly happy and you can see the day beginning to dawn in the background:
Becks in mid-air
Caeden holding up his pajama pants as he runs to show me his monkey book, another Goodwill stocking stuffer:
Someone from Carson's work got the kids these M&M candy canes and they all pretended to use them as real canes saying "I'm an old man! I'm an old man!"
The nerf gun tag set was a big hit:
Here's Christmas morning from the parents' point of view:
In the afternoon we went up to my parents' house for dinner.
I was worried that the kids would be disappointed with Christmas this year since we didn't have a lot of money to spend on it, but they were just as happy as ever, and with the presents from the extended family I think they got everything they truly wanted. We had a lot of fun and were able to do all the activities we wanted to as a family, despite my pregnancy-induced tiredness and Carson's busiest month at work. It's awesome to have kids. They make Christmas special and they have such an endless supply of energy and hope.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Christmas Tradition

Attending the Belleuve Botanical Gardens is turning into a yearly Christmas tradition for us. It is free and beautiful. They put Christmas lights on the various plants in their gardens and make new plants from lights as well. I'm just learning some night photography techniques, so seeing these in person is amazing!

Pond and water fountain


Monkey in a tree


Monday, December 14, 2009


I have been trying for weeks to post this but have been having issues with blogger. Carson's brother Cody and his family came to visit us for Thanksgiving. They drove from Utah on Wednesday and then drove back Sunday! We're so grateful that they were willing to make the long trip with their 3 cute kids so we could see them. Our kids were beyond excited to spend the weekend with their cousins. On Saturday night we exchanged Christmas presents:And had some friends over that we all knew in Baltimore, including my cousin Kevin's family:
There were 14 kids total between the 5 families and 3 more on the way!
Saturday morning we went to Pike's Place Market in the morning and had lunch at the park outside
Trey seems to be getting so big
Cody and the kids ran around and tried to catch pigeons
Tucker (and everyone else!) was pretty cold
Thursday we all cooked in the morning and made a fantastic Thanksgiving feast:
Complete with my favorite french bread bacon cranberry apple stuffing
And an apple pie with streusel topping
Carson played football this year for the Maple Valley Rec league with some other LDS guys from the area and they named themselves the "Saints." They did really well and went to the championship game but lost to their arch rivals, the Curtis Lang team (ironically, the company who built our house). I think adult flag football is about the most dangerous sport you can play, because they are so aggressive that they play almost like tackle football, but without any helmets or pads. Two of our friends have had to have surgery because of it and now in this last game, a guy on the team broke his jaw, had surgery and is going to have some major short-term complications. Carson is talking about not playing next year and although I hate to see him give up his favorite activity, it does make me rest a little easier. We would be in big trouble if he injured his right hand, arm, or eyes.
About a month ago I was in the kitchen when I saw Beckham heading outside carrying his skateboard and wearing his jacket with a skateboard on the back, his favorite quiksilver dragon shirt and a hat backwards. He actually bought that skateboard with his own money at Target last year, when he was only 3. This kid thinks he can do anything and is just naturally cool. He doesn't really know how to ride the skateboard but he tries to do tricks. Check out these action shots:

I don't know what he's doing here but he definitely thinks he's cool:

You can see the skateboard on the back of his jacket. We bought this jacket at Gymboree a few years ago and it is one of my favorite pieces of kids clothing ever. Usually I think the stuff at Gymboree for little boys is too cheesy and overpriced, but every once in a while they have something awesome.
Of course I was SO excited to find out we're having a baby girl, but the bummer is that with Carson starting his business this year I have NO cash to buy all the cute things I've been drooling over for years! So I've been trying to find creative ways around it. First of all, I've been hitting up the local Goodwill on a regular basis. Usually the shirts are $1 and the pants are $2. If I go every week or two, I can get a couple of good things every time I go, and often with names like Gap and Babystyle! Secondly, we cashed in some credit card rewards for $400 worth of Gap/Old Navy gift cards. Unfortunately, I used the bulk of it to buy late back-to-school clothes for my boys since I wasn't able to get them anything at the beginning of the school year, but I was still able to find some cute baby girl things... here are 3 pairs of tiny shoes, all from Old Navy, the charcoal moccasins courtesy of my sister Hillary!
The jackets were all 50% off so I got these 3 for next winter. The brown sherpa one might not look very girly but I'm sure with a pair of embroidered jeans and a pink beanie she won't be mistaken for a boy! And it looks very warm and comfortable.
Two pairs of embroidered jeans for next fall and a jean skirt... now all I need is a pair of striped tights! I already made hairclips to go with the jeans, a pink felt butterfly and a purple felt flower. I plan to post some of my creations in the near future!
These 3 outfits don't look super special but I was excited to get some good separates in my favorite colors that were on a great sale and will go with anything.
And last, the boys all did the summer reading program at the library this year and earned an art set. Trey doesn't like to sit still long enough to read much so it was really a challenge for him to get in 1000 minutes but he barely made it! They always feel like it's a special day when we pull out the art sets and I think they love them so much more because they earned them.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family TV

Wanna watch some cool tv tonight? This show looks like it will premier tonight and will be interesting to see how they develop it.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fall Fun

The second week in October we went to Maris Farms in Buckley with the Hartmans. It was much more than just a pumpkin patch and after 5 hours we had to drag the kids away.They had duck races in troughs with water pumps, the kids seriously could have done this for 2 hours but we had to let other kids have a turn.

There was a barn full of dried corn with ducks hidden down in the bottom of it. It was kind of like a sandbox and they LOVED it!
Beckham tried out the little excavator... you can see how dusty it was from the haze in this picture, the kids started with dark rinse jeans and came out with 80s-looking whitewashed ones.
They buried Trey in the corn...
And gathered up the ducks until they were sure they had every single one and lined them up on the hay bales:
We had our first experience in a corn maze, which would have been a lot more fun if Caeden hadn't flopped to the ground after 20 minutes saying "I'm going to die!" refusing to get up. We lost Jamie, her kids and Trey so Beckham, Caeden and I wandered around for an hour trying to get to the next checkpoint until they came back and found us! I had to carry Caeden that whole time and with the way my hips get when I'm pregnant I could hardly walk the next day.
Here's an aerial view of the corn maze - I guess they map it out with a GPS and then plant the corn in this pattern. It was amazing!
Caeden and Beckham riding the mini tractors:
Caeden is doing a playgroup once a week with Sofia Boulton, Ashley Miner and Max Millard. They are so stinking cute together and surprisingly good at imaginative play. We cut out and frosted cookies for Halloween and it was less messy than you might think.
Beckham got in on the frosting action and I couldn't help posting this picture of him because I was shocked at how grown up he looks!
Here are some of the finished cookies:
For Beckham's preschool we visited another pumpkin patch, here's Beckham on the tractor with his friends Sam and Cole:

And we also had a little preschool Halloween party where they all got to dress up, play games, and sing us songs with motions they had learned:
Our ward "Harvest Party" was on Halloween which was actually really nice, right between soccer and trick-or-treating. All the kids paraded across the stage and I don't know how but Beckham and Caeden went across at least 3 times. The last time Caeden really started to ham it up and jump around. He was Bumblebee from Transformers, Beckham was a pirate and Trey was a bat (in his Batman costume inside out).
This was the best group picture we got... sorry Mickey & Cerola, but thanks Melain for a fantastic backdrop!