Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby Aspen

Here are some pix of Aspen and some comparisons of her siblings within a week or two of her age today

Aspen today after church

Aspen recently

Caeden...  We used to think that Caeden was a good mix between Bex and Trey, but he is starting to be more unique.  Aspen and Trey are the most alike probably.



Speaking of look-a-likes, I was reading the story "Hop on Pop" to the boys at bedtime recently and thought that Jim looked like Caeden a lot.  I asked Bex who I was reading the story to with Caeden who he thought Jim looked like and he immediately said Caeden so I knew it wasn't just me.  Then I asked Trey and he started laughing and said, "Caeden."  It was unanimous. 

We also think he looks a little like his Gpa Pond, maybe serendipity had us name his middle name Pond.  Just make the chin a little skinnier, add some cheek bones from Marisa and you have Caeden.

Just for comparison, here are the closest pictures we have of Marisa and I to Aspen's age. 


Summer has been way too busy for me to post yet, so I shirked my home teaching today ;-) and did "my journal" today instead.  I know it isn't as enjoyable to read a post like this as a nicely formatted and thought out one, but I followed the KISS methodology on this post.  Here is a quick list of the things I remember doing off the top of my head...

Snoqualmie fair - I had a booth at the fair yesterday for the second time.  I don't like being a politician though, shaking hands and smiling all day :(
Wild Waves-We've been promising the kids to go here for a couple years.  Two years ago we went to an indoor waterpark, last year we went to one in Boise so this year we finally went to Wild Waves.
LAP5 - one of my summer highlights, C89.5 (techo station) did another listener appreciation party.
Friends camp out - went camping with some friends and let the boys run around the forest and play in the beautiful river
Seattle, trips around area - tried to get out and do as much as possible this summer so that we could savor the nice weather, although this summer was very atypical, normally it is 75 degrees most days, this year didn't have quite as many, some much hotter and some colder
Water skiing and dinner with friends - got some good water skiing in at Lake Sammamish
Toby Keith concert at outdoor pavillion
Raspberry/Strawberry picking We made lots of jam and some seedless sorbet
Summer camp - I planned my last summer camp with the Varsity Scouts as I just got called to be a seminary teacher.  I took Bex with me on part of the camp this year.
Lots of late nights with close friends playing games and talking - this has been great to fill our social desires, but hard when we stay up wayyyy to late and have to get up early for church the next day
LDS night mariners - always a summer favorite of the boys, they love chanting I-chi-ro and partaking in the whole experience.
Fourth of July - had some friends over at our house to view the valley fireworks and do a show in the front yard.  Ended up going to three different BBQ's with the holiday falling on a Sunday this year.
Food culture trips with kids - we've been taking the kids around to various restaurants to taste different cultures.  The boys really enjoy this.  So far we have: Italian, Mexican, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Chinese,  Argentine, and Swedish.  Trey's favorite is Italian, Bex's favorite is Chinese, Caeden's favorite is Japanese Sushi.
Drove to Utah - did our first trip with four kids in the car.  The minivan made this much nicer than previous trips as all the kids could be separated.
Canoeing on Phantom Lake - This is the lake by Marisa's parent's house.
Swim at Lake Wilderness - we had many trips to this lake by our house to swim in the warm water and play on the nice beach.
Fire in back yard - we built a fire and roasted marshmallows in the fire pit on our patio.
Bellevue Botanical Gardens - took a trip to the gardens as a family.  We usually go here to see the amazing Christmas lights, but have never been in the summer.

Now for the pix from the above activities with descriptive text below each pic....

Eating Chinese food

LDS night at the Mariners

Seedless Raspberry sorbet

Dinner with the Hartmans

Toby Keith with my hot cowgirl wife

Sweet white trash beard for the TK concert

Aspen at church

Concert on the grass at Seattle Center

Seattle Center

The Rave

Wild Waves

Aspen in the sink

Get-together with several friends at our house

Father's Day

Fourth of July activities

Bex -
Fourth of July activities

Fireworks across the valley from our house

Caeden's hair before he decided to cut his own hair

Caeden's own hair cut

Post "touch up" from mom

They boys have done a good job of helping with their baby sister.  She tends to make scared noises whenever Bex or Caeden picks her up because she knows something painful this way comes....

Billions of raspberries

Playing in the yard with the hose and sprinklers

We had three different bird nests in our yard this year

We ate dinner on our patio several times to spend more time outside and an effort to try and slow summer down so it and our kids young lives wouldn't go by so fast.

Trey turned 9 years old

Trey had a combined party with Hillary

They kids spending time with their favorite sister.  They pulled out the entire box of baby toys here.

Playing at the pond by the Ponds house.

Caeden helping feed his sister

Trey got some art supplies for his birthday and now records Bob Ross to watch and do his own paintings.  The kids also have started some piano lessons.

We have way too much crack around our house with our genetic lack of booty!

They boys playing on a water slide at Trey's bday party.

Aspen loves to stand up straight on my hand.  If she is crying and I do it she will stop and start smiling.  Trey was the only other kid that would do that.

Skiing on Lake Sammamish

Playing frisbee at the park.  We keep a frisbee in the car and play whenever we have a chance.

Aspen just got her first two teeth.  We lucked out and got a shot of her showing them off to us.

Unfortunately we haven't taken as many pictures as we would like.  Aspen has been such a great baby.  She sleeps through the night always, wakes up and makes happy baby noises in her crib until we come get her.  After three crazy boys it has been very nice to have an angelic little daughter!