Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun with New Camera

I got a new camera and have started to have fun with photography again.  When I started seminary I pretty much didn't do any more photos other than with my phone.  My favorite sister came to visit and we took the new camera with us to downtown Seattle.  We found a cool graffiti wall that the kids loved and shot some photos.

First off, the one thing that put me over the edge in upgrading from our old camera was the amazing low light capabilities.  I always felt like that was my biggest hindrance in getting the shots I wanted when I couldn't.   These two shots show it pretty well.  This is in a very dark place under a bridge at night.  The iso was 12800!  It was taken with an exposure of only 1/80 sec and an f stop of 4.  All the images in this post are low resolution, but it is amazing that the image isn't full of noise.  I haven't done any touchups to these two night shots.

The sports is a little better in auto focus.  I didn't get many shots because I coached Beckham's football team and was doing more video at his soccer games.

 As anyone with multiple kids knows, trying to take a family photo can strangely coincide with the biggest family fights of the year.  As soon as the camera came out the kids turn into pozers!



Proof of craziness, the photo organizer recognized the first version of Caeden's face, but not the second, what does that tell you....?

We finally got around to actually getting some decent shots.  I remembered a lot from back when I used to do this more frequently.  My sister snapped the family shots and she did great.  These turned out good, but if we could do it again I think we could make them perfect.

Marisa and I didn't do any single shots of us.  I didn't think of it and Marisa didn't want to with her braces and cold. This is a candid shot my sister took.

As usual, I think she looks absolutely amazing!

Caeden is actually our best smiler, so he gets two photos posted.

I tried to grab a couple of Aspen who was freezing and like a typical dad, I couldn't get her hair to look any better :-(