Tuesday, March 30, 2010

C89.5 Listener Appreciation Party #4

We took a break from all the bottle feeding, diaper changing, business taxes, marketing designs, etc. and went to a concert. It was great to get out and be just a couple again. A local station was putting on a concert where two of my favorite on-the-rise techno artists were headliners, Kim Sozzi and Go Periscope (local group). We had some crazy babysitting drama in the middle of it, but thank goodness for texting when the music is too loud to hear anything.

To see what you missed watch the following videos...you can See Marisa and her white sun glasses on her head sometimes, but she's too short to see often ;-) She is actually in the freeze frame for the video in the lower left corner. I have a green shirt and my white Aeropostale hat on and am frequently looking down at my phone to text.

Sadly, the two main couples we would go with either just had a baby or are too pregnant to go. Next year!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1 Month

It's been so fun to have little baby Aspen at our house! The boys are still super excited and want to be with her all the time. She seems to be getting so big already and makes some cute noises in addition to the loud feisty screaming we've been hearing since the moment of her birth! Fortunately we don't hear the screaming much anymore though, she sleeps about 7 hours straight at night and has been mostly peaceful and more alert during her daytime awake hours. Here is a picture of her 'thoughtful' look:
Decked out in green for St. Patrick's Day (thanks for the headband, Noelle!)
Almost smiling (and getting chubby!)
Caeden kisses her about 100 times a day
After church on Sunday and very sleepy!
Hopefully I'll take more pictures before she gets too big, the days just seem to fly by and I'm not even close to catching up on all the things I got behind on while I was pregnant...

Monday, March 01, 2010

More Aspen Pix

Baby Aspen is two weeks old now. She has been sleeping fairly well, but has been sick with congestion the last few days. Trying to keep a newborn germ free with three boys coming home from school/preschool/playgroup every day seems to be an impossible chore...despite wearing masks (see below), hand sanitizing until skin cracks and limiting holding time so much that the boys are crying. The boys had conjunctivitis over a week ago and we did an extra job of keeping Aspen clean during that time. They cleared up completely and almost a week later Aspen got it out of no where :-( She's handling the sickness pretty well and is getting over both pretty well. I'm sure she'll be happy to eat and not run out of breath anymore.

I got about four different cheap macro lens attachments of one kind or another and finally was able to test them out on Aspen. Two of them are so extreme that I can't do more than take a picture of a single fingernail, and only half of it. The other one is so extreme that I can only take a small portion of the fingernail, like a hang nail (see other pictures down lower). One works really well and I was able to take the following.

Marisa took a few pictures as well in between feedings. She is doing much better and is excited to start taking Aspen out and about next week when they are both feeling better.

Here are my ultra macro shots of Aspen's right thumb.

Baby Aspen on her only trip out to see friends and future boyfriend Eli.

We worried about Caeden and how he would react to a new baby in the family. He has done really well and loves his new sister. Here is a picture that I love. He was trying soooo hard to help us out when we were taking some pictures. He wanted to pull the sheet over to hold it as a light diffuser. He just stood there and was glad to help out although he had a funny face in this picture, it seemed to capture a little bit of his life so well.
Here he made some mess on the glass and got out the windex to clean it up himself. He couldn't find the rag so he used his shirt and gave us a nice shot of his "window cleaner crack."