Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family TV

Wanna watch some cool tv tonight? This show looks like it will premier tonight and will be interesting to see how they develop it.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fall Fun

The second week in October we went to Maris Farms in Buckley with the Hartmans. It was much more than just a pumpkin patch and after 5 hours we had to drag the kids away.They had duck races in troughs with water pumps, the kids seriously could have done this for 2 hours but we had to let other kids have a turn.

There was a barn full of dried corn with ducks hidden down in the bottom of it. It was kind of like a sandbox and they LOVED it!
Beckham tried out the little excavator... you can see how dusty it was from the haze in this picture, the kids started with dark rinse jeans and came out with 80s-looking whitewashed ones.
They buried Trey in the corn...
And gathered up the ducks until they were sure they had every single one and lined them up on the hay bales:
We had our first experience in a corn maze, which would have been a lot more fun if Caeden hadn't flopped to the ground after 20 minutes saying "I'm going to die!" refusing to get up. We lost Jamie, her kids and Trey so Beckham, Caeden and I wandered around for an hour trying to get to the next checkpoint until they came back and found us! I had to carry Caeden that whole time and with the way my hips get when I'm pregnant I could hardly walk the next day.
Here's an aerial view of the corn maze - I guess they map it out with a GPS and then plant the corn in this pattern. It was amazing!
Caeden and Beckham riding the mini tractors:
Caeden is doing a playgroup once a week with Sofia Boulton, Ashley Miner and Max Millard. They are so stinking cute together and surprisingly good at imaginative play. We cut out and frosted cookies for Halloween and it was less messy than you might think.
Beckham got in on the frosting action and I couldn't help posting this picture of him because I was shocked at how grown up he looks!
Here are some of the finished cookies:
For Beckham's preschool we visited another pumpkin patch, here's Beckham on the tractor with his friends Sam and Cole:

And we also had a little preschool Halloween party where they all got to dress up, play games, and sing us songs with motions they had learned:
Our ward "Harvest Party" was on Halloween which was actually really nice, right between soccer and trick-or-treating. All the kids paraded across the stage and I don't know how but Beckham and Caeden went across at least 3 times. The last time Caeden really started to ham it up and jump around. He was Bumblebee from Transformers, Beckham was a pirate and Trey was a bat (in his Batman costume inside out).
This was the best group picture we got... sorry Mickey & Cerola, but thanks Melain for a fantastic backdrop!

Beckham's Soccer Season

Becks played soccer on the 3/4 team again this year and had a great time with a few of his friends. He really gets into the game and is pretty aggressive, but he is never mean to the other players and even gave up possession of the ball once to help someone from another team who had tripped and fallen. He likes to play goalie and says "No one's going to get a ball past me!" He would throw himself on the ground to stop the ball even though he really didn't need to. All of our kids are so dramatic, just in different ways.
Beckham and Sam haven't figured out yet that they're on the same team - they are both good with the ball and if either one of them is playing forward they seem to have the ball 90% of the time, but when they were both playing forward at the same time they were pretty competitive with each other... looks like next year we'll have to work a little harder on passing!
Trey didn't want to play soccer this year so Becks got to enjoy all the glory and was lucky to have Carson's dad see his first game and my mom see his last. It was so much easier to just have one practice during the week and one game on Saturday, especially since a few of them overlapped with Carson's flag football games. Beckham is a fun kid and loves to play sports and be the center of attention!