Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog as Journal

I know a few others get part of their motivation for blog posting in their desire to keep something of a family journal.  Getting it on your blog is only half of the process.  Getting it in a more permanent form where you have permanent access to it would be the second half.  I have found the best option is to print it as a PDF file.  An easy way to do that is to use the following free program  Once installed you treat it like a virtual printer.  Instead of printing your blog on paper through your Canon printer, you tell the web browser to print your blog via the "PDFCreator" printer that will show up in your printer list after it is installed.  Since there obviously isn't a printer, you won't get anything printing out from anywhere, but what it will do is send the printing information to the program and turn it into a PDF.  Try it out and make your blog posts permanent.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fam Pix

We took some family pix at one of our favorite Maple Valley places, Lake Wilderness.  Special thanks to Marcie for letting us boss her around and tell her where and how to take our pictures, she did great!  Thanks!  I messed up a few camera settings that left the pix a little less than perfect, but considering we had to work around four kids, they turned out fairly well. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aspen's Room

We haven't quite finished Aspen's room, but we've been putting my mom off for a long time in showing her some pictures.  So, here they are.  Just a few more things to do then it will be done.  Hopefully, before her first birthday!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

End of Summer

I didn't take my video camera to the boys' soccer game so I made a couple animated GIF images of the rapid fire still shots I took of their goals.  Bex's shot gets clipped a little on the right side so click on the image to go to the full version.


School started and Bex started his first day of kindergarten.  He obviously doesn't have the same fear of public displays of affection as does his older brother.

I can't believe trey is old enough to be in fourth grade!

Here are some unpolished pix of Aspen.  No time to post process :-(

Caeden looks so grown up in this pic that I couldn't resist posting it.

We never posted a picture of our patio furniture outside so here it is.

Never a good sign when you come outside and find your child naked on the top of the fence.  I'm glad he's comfortable with his manhood, but please learn some discretion!

Caeden showing off his newly found head stand skills.

We finally started doing some updates to our home last week in preparation for my bday party.  I wanted to hang these horizontally, but they were presents for Marisa so she got to choose vertical.  

The big surprise for my bday was our friends the Hesses and Curtises got together and bought me a couple hens and made a chicken coop.  I mentioned a few months ago that it would be kind of cool to have a couple.  They made a mental note and totally shocked us with these!  Becareful what you say around your friends.  It was great timing because we were considering getting a pet for the boys and now we have these.  They love them too.

We are very sad that our close friends the Curtises are moving so we named the hens after them.  It is a little weird referring to Brackon as a female, but we are getting used to it ;-)