Saturday, October 15, 2005


We had Kristin make another visit which meant that we had to do some work with our Home Depot Manager while she was in town. This time we took it a little easier and just put a fire pit in the back yard.

We are excited to do some dutch oven cooking and have fun campfires with friends and family. We have already had what Trevor called a "smores party." Pictures of all this and more have been updated as well.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Caught up

We are finally catching up on getting our home where we wanted it. The dining room is all but done. We installed some 18" slate tile floors and got our new dining room table and chairs. After painting the room and putting trim around the windows we set the room up and were very happy. Please come visit us so we have plenty of excuses to eat in there!

Beckham is growing fast and his infancy is passing us by. He has already had a few hard falls from climbing up onto things around the house and using his head to soften the fall from standing. He loves people even more and will cudle up real tight to your neck if you pick him up when he is sad.

Trevor is in preschool and feels that he is a very big boy now. He is passionate about spiderman still, but has added legos and his friend Dane is close runner ups.

Marisa ran a race with some friends here and had a great time. Our ward recently split and she "lost" some friends, but so far she is still getting out a lot with everybody "across the border."

Carson has recovered nicely from his leg surgery. He is out of physical therapy, but can't do any lateral motion activities. That pretty much rules out everything but the tv and bed, right!?

We have posted new pictures so check them out.