Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Start of summer

Here are some pix from the past few weeks.  We are getting lazier and lazier when it comes to taking pictures and not much better when it comes to posting them.  These are the noteworthy things we've actually taken pictures of lately.

 Aspen keeps getting in trouble for getting the chickens out to play with them.

 Caeden did his end of pre-school activity of making a pizza at one of the local pizzareas.

 We got the kids a bounce house to help with being active despite all the rainy weather we had this spring.

 Yes, that is a disco ball hanging from our ceiling, but that is a blog post for another day!

 Caeden and Beckham have been taking a lot of swimming lessons lately.  Aspen wants to do hers so she put on some floaties and did her "smimming wessons" in the tub.

We had a bunny decide to make our back yard its home.  We don't feed it or really do anything with it other than let the kids play with it this one time, but it stays and seems to be happy.

We got two quads before our trip to Oregon with the Calderwood family.  I had the boys practice in our circle for a bit.  They love them.

Aspen loves her motoX helmet so much she won't even wear her hello kitty one anymore to ride her scooter.

We previously had figured out via google maps that Baker City Oregon is the midway point between Salt Lake and Maple Valley when deciding where to stop for the night to break the drive up.  We decided to meet up with everyone around there and go camping.  We settled on a small town called Sumpter.  It was pretty cool and had a lot of interesting mining and Oregon trail things to check out.

My mom brought lots of fun games for the kids.  They liked rolling around in the dirt more I think though.

We did tons of motorbike and quad riding.  After Kristin/Chris and Cody/Lisa's family left we were down to few enough people to all go out on the quads.  We went on two long rides and it was a lot of fun.

This is me getting 2" of air and about 0 seconds of hang time!