Saturday, June 21, 2008

What we've been up to...

Lotsa' pix w/ short explanations after them.

Trey ordered some Star Wars candy molds and made
some suckers for Father's Day and Uncle Spencer
on his mission.

We moved 8 more yards of top soil into the back yard
(bringing our grand total to 106 yards!) and moved 28
rocks (pix of those later) :-(

Marisa made me a great dinner for Father's Day - cheese cake
with huckleberry topping, corn on the cob, creamed peas and
potatoes and bul kogi (awesome Korean BBQ beef). It was all great!

The boys have officially started summer and are having fun
with their friends. Trey went on a late-over and the crafts
are happening all over the place.

Marisa, Trey and Bex ran a 5K. This time the boys
didn't run as far as last time (Bex ran at least half of
it last time!). Who runs with a coat on?

...crazy boys in Seattle I guess.

The boys have been racking up the scabs and bruises
with it being summer time. We took some pix and
this is only about half of them!

Photoclass at our house. Two guys starting to represent!

Another great thing about Father's day was that Marisa
took care of the house and let me just play with the
boys inside and outside in the perfect weather we had that day.

We've been eating on our patio a lot lately and
enjoying the view.

Bex enjoyed flying a kite in our back yard.

Caeden has been playing too hard.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Everyone in our family came out the same! We wanted names that not every Tom, Dick and Harry had so it looks like we did well.
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Trip List

Below I have a list of items to take on trips and vacations. I started it a few years ago because I hated that feeling right as we left somewhere that I was forgetting something. I thought about posting it here for the last few months to challenge anyone to see if I was missing something. I didn't because I was afraid people would think I was too weird, er...nerotic, but if you already know me then you already know that. Marisa mentioned it to a few people the other night that wanted a copy. So, here it is to copy and try the challenge. I recently added subjects to the list like "stadium" and "picnics" so those lists are probably incomplete more than the first couple sections.


-reading materials
-paper & pen
-sun glasses
-driving directions
-car games
-credit cards
-info on times & events
-Day trip backpack for city or country
-check weather
-check Utah/Washington trip lists
-other tickets
-pool towels
-water for trip
-drinks for trip
-gps navigator, chord, holder
-key for car/house upon return
-2way radios

-dishes to eat with

-camera w/ charger, battery, & extra cards
-USB transfer chord for camera
-camcorder w/ charger & extra tape
-power inverter for car
-laptop w/ charger & mouse
-game cd's for laptop
-Ethernet cable
-DVD's to view on player
-audio splitter
-cell phone & charger
-Ipod and charger
-portable DVD player
-charge camera(s)/camcorder/DVD player batteries

-water shoes
-sleep shorts & t-shirt
-dress clothes
-temple clothes
-swim diapers
-baseball cap
-snow hat
-exercise clothes
-rain jacket
-warm fleece jacket
-snow coat

Toiletries Bag
-contact solution & container
-tooth brush & paste
-eye pencil sharpener
-hair gel
-birth control
-razor & shaving cream
-nail clippers & file

Toiletries Other
-dirty clothes bag
-wash cloth
-alergy meds
-aloe vera
-sun screen
-lip sunblock
-sun tan lotion

Baby/Toddler Items
-baby monitor
-baby locks
-diaper bag
-carrying back pack
-water, formula & juice
-nip & straw bottles
-wet wipes
-diaper rash ointment
-spit rag
-toys & books
-baby doll
-medicine dropper
-kid scriptures
-night light
-church activities

-extra trash bags
-paper towels
-bug repellant
-water for end
-shade cover
-beener w/ nylon rope
-silverware (butter knifes, meat knife, spoons, forks)
-cookwear (skillet, pot, pan)
-cooking utinsels (spatula, tongs, spoon)
-cooker (firewood, gas, coleman stove, dutch oven, matches/lighter, dutch oven lid holder, dutch oven cleaning oil & rag, charcoal)
-pantry items (oil, salt, pepper)
-plastic table cloths
-rags for cleaning tables etc.
-dish cleaning items (soap, cleaning/storage bin, sponge)
-table cloth

Snow Camp
-firewood or stove
-snow shoes
-shovel or snow saws
-warm drinks

House Items
-get someone for pets
-get someone for yard
-get someone to put out trash
-get someone for mail
-empty trash
-clean out the fridge
-leave a light on
-set thermostat
-water indoor plants

-body board
-beach toys
-bag for toys
-shade tarp
-life vests
-music player

-zip lock bags for liquids
-get someone to take/pick us up
-age card (insurance) for children
- NOTE: put items in carry-on like laptop charger, water, medicine, both cell phones
- 2 backpacks for 2 light & easy carry-ons
-portable blanket for doing anything outside or in cold areas
-empty water bottle to fill after going through security

-blanket for bench/grass
-BBQ items and lighter
-utensils, napkins, knives
-cooking utensils
-wire brush for park BBQ

Stadium Event
-Call about what you can take into event
-Extra gear for rain/cold


-meal plan
-2 way radios

Before printing save as something else and delete everything that we won’t need.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Logo Round 2

First off, thanks so much everyone for your suggestions. I took what everyone said here and offline to come up with the final options before I finalize it. I will note the changes and the image number above each one.

1: original

2: Changed the Q

3: Centered Dental a little more and made the font smaller, less stretched.

4: broke up the tag line and changed the font of the word dental, moved alls over to the right a little
5: Same as above only added the water drops
6: Removed lines, put broken up tag line on left for balance, put dental on right for flow of sentence

Thanks again, let me know your thoughts on favorites (and why if you are so inclined). This has been fun to put some photoshop skills into practice.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Poor photography

I've said this before, but if there is one word to describe Trevor it would be CREATIVE. His creativity is usually the impetus for his bad behavior. We say don't do X, and he tries to think of a way to go as close to X as possible without it actually doing X. He knows he will get a punishment for doing so, but he always wants to try to come up with something. Sometimes we find creative outlets for his creativity like Classical Music Story Telling...

(poor example of Trevor's Lego creativity)

We have dance time frequently when I come home from work when we crank the techno and everybody dances around the house. To balance out this craziness I will turn on some classical music while in the car and make up a story that matches the music. Trevor loves this and does an amazing job of describing the feel of a song with a story. Hopefully this summer we can do more of this and less of the get as close to x as possible stuff!

Speaking of Trevor a crazy thing happened today. He has a friend at school that he has gotten closer to lately. He was invited to his house for a play date (I hate that phrase by the way). When I went to pick him up I went inside and the family was obviously LDS. Neither they nor us knew that fact about each other. For the second time (did the same thing last year in kindergarten) he gravitated towards the LDS kid in his class without knowing it. I asked him when he got back in the car if he knew this kid was LDS and he said no. He said that there is probably one more kid that is LDS in his class. I asked why and he said that he could tell by the way he looks, just like with this kid whose house he went to today. When probed as to what that look is he said that he can't describe it, it is more of a feeling when you are around them. Pretty cool, so I did my missionary duty and pointed out the source of that difference.

Here are some pix of the boys all at 17 months. Do you know what is so great about 17 months? 4 more weeks until nursery starts!








I've really been feeling like I need to increase my photo skills lately. As I did this post the pictures I had to choose from were pretty lousy. I had a hard time trying to find good pix of our boys at the same age. We've taken care of the quantity, but haven't quite succeeded at the quality. Marisa has more of a talent for that and she is taking a class on photography with some of her friends so hopefully that will change. This isn't fishing for people to say the pix are good, just a public apology. Our kids will be looking so cute, we grab the camera, take a shot and then ask why they suddenly aren't as cute....

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Time to design our logo. I started it a year ago and never finished it off. All of them are the same except for the font at the bottom. Let me know which font you like the best and why if you like that sort of thing. Also, feel free to make any suggestions about the rest of it. When I came up with the falls as an F idea I was a little afraid that it might not be obvious so let me know if that was a problem for you. Changes are easy since I did it all in photoshop so don't be afraid to make suggestions!

Late arrivals, format versus above format:


Option 8:
words moved to the right