Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Dance

I looked back and realized we haven't posted anything about what's actually going on in our lives for over 2 months! Just so you all don't come to the conclusion that I'm pregnant (which I'm not), I feel like I should catch up...

Anna, my best friend since I was in the 2nd grade (the same age Trey is right now!) came to visit in September with her first baby Kristina! This is the first of my close high school friends to have a baby... and I have a 7-year old!
Beckham started preschool with Mrs. Cloud and loves it. She is like the grandmother who makes every grandkid feel like they're her favorite. He also has a weekly playgroup: here are Nate, Caeden, Beckham, Eden and McKenna having a snack: Trey and Becks both played soccer again this fall. Trey had an awesome team and learned how to play positions and work together. Beckham's team was the worst ever. His 2 coaches had permanent PMS and mangaged to make most of the parents so mad that by the last game only we and one of the coaches daughters even showed up to the game. Beckham didn't seem to mind being a 1-man team; if he was throwing in the ball and didn't have anyone to throw it to, he just threw it out there and ran it down the field himself. He did get a little tired of never having subs, good thing the 3-year old games are on small fields and only 30 minutes. Near the end of the summer the boys discovered they could make a slip n slide with the hose on the playset.
We got Carson the game Rock Band for his 32nd birthday last month. True to form, Trey immediately made a rock band out of legos. If you live here you should invite yourself over to play it with us, it's a ton of fun. Carson shaved a trucker beard for Halloween and tried to dress up Idaho for the party with our friends.
Monkey see
Monkey do

Trey was sad on election day because he didn't realize until Carson and I went out to vote that he was too young. He got tears in his eyes and asked why he couldn't vote for the President. I asked who he was going to vote for and he said "You know, that guy you are voting for."

One problem we don't have with Becks is confidence. The other day he said "Everybody thinks I'm awesome." Then we were leaving McDonald's last week and he climbed up on the roof of the Jeep while I was putting Caeden in his carseat and said, "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!" (From the commercial.) We really do love our kids a lot.