Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heat of summer

For us in Seattle the past couple of weeks have been hot! Anytime we leave our 72-75 degree comfort zone we start to complain...sad I know. I spent most of last week at summer camp with the Varsity scouts. We had a fun time doing some high adventure activities, one of which included watching Harry Potter on opening night. Having only slept 3 hours the night before, I don't remember much of the movie since it didn't start until 12:30. I'm up for going again!

Marisa spent a lot of that time at the lakes by our house or up at the lake by her parent's house.

Our sweet boy Trey turned 8 years old! He had a Lego party with some friends and was on cloud 9 (or should I say 8) all day long.

He designed the decorations and games all by himself. This is his "Lego guy" with a figure 8 in the corner for his new age.

We broke out the old dance pads for DDR2 on the Xbox original for FHE Monday night. Caeden was loving it.

Bex was showing his photogenic side while dancing...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fourth of July

Summer is going by way too fast so I'll just catch up on the past weekend. We had a long fourth of July weekend. Our favorite part of the holiday for the last two years is watching the fireworks from our deck. Its amazing to see so many in the neighborhoods all going off at the same time. The video doesn't do it justice since it is only seeing one little bit of the panorama. Beware of the video though, there are a bunch of white old men running into a lake at the end of it!

Fourth from Carson Calderwood on Vimeo.

We went to a BBQ with some friends for games and food.

We spent a few days camping with a ton of friends before the fourth. It was our own private campground! I took the boys fishing for Steel Head Salmon, but only caught some baby ones.

We did some fireworks in our circle with all our neighbors. Caeden was a little scared of the sparklers.

This is what was left over after we thought we cleaned it all up in the dark.