Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Songs

A tradition I used to have before starting the business and getting to busy was to post the songs I had downloaded recently. Unfortunately I haven't done this since July 2008! I got a new computer since then so my "date added" information is not correct and I don't know what songs I have downloaded since July 2008 except for what I have done in the last couple of weeks. As you'll see from the list below we are still techno junkies. It was very nice during all those late nights doing things like designing the office and marketing materials. Techno has the same effect as caffeine! The ones in red have the video below.

Name Artist
4ever The Veronicas
Angel On My Shoulder Kaskade
Around The Bend The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Audience Of One Rise Against
Believe The Bravery
Call My Name (J Nitti Radio Edit) Morgan Page & Tyler James
Call My Name (Thomas Gold Remix) Morgan Page
Chemistry (Radio Version) Velvet
Day 'N' Nite Kid Cudi
Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix) Kid Cudi
Dead And Gone (Clean) T.I. Ft. Justin Timberlake
Don't Trust Me (P.O. Clean Edit) 3oh!3
Electric Feel MGMT
Feel Your Love (Original Mix) Kim Sozzi
Handlebars Flobots
Heartless Kanye West
Holly Wood Died Yellowcard
I'm Not Over Carolina Liar
Imagination (Kaskade Club Remix) Jes
Infinity 2008 (Klaas Remix) Guru Josh Project
Last Kiss Goodnight Logan Square
Love Story Taylor Swift
Ocean Avenue Yellowcard
Rehab Rihanna
Right Now (Na Na Na) Akon
Secret Valentine We The Kings
Shake It Metro Station
Sugar Flo Rida Ft. Wynter
Suppose Secondhand Serenade
The Fear Lily Allen
The Good Left Undone Rise Against
The Motions Matthew West
Who We Are Ryan Calhoun

Here are some videos for a select few favorites...some of them are not the actual videos, but pictures put to the song because you can't embed the originals.

One of my favorite LDS artists

Great Adult Contemporary Christian song by one of my favorite artists of that genre


We had a great memorial day weekend this year. My parents came to visit and we had a fun time running around the PNW. We took Trey out of school on Friday and went to the ocean on early that morning. We stayed in a hotel that night after a full day of crabbing and went to the rain forest on Saturday. We took it easy the rest of the weekend and enjoyed the perfect 72 degree weather.

We celebrated my dad's birthday. They boys acted like it was their birthday as well.

We also visited some of Risa's family in Shelton. The boys loved being able to run in the fields. I think if all boys could be a little more...boys, the cases of hyperactivity disorders would decrease dramatically.

crabbing got a little cold with the wind off the ocean.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some Sun

I was going through some recent photos to delete all the extra pictures that are just clogging up the hard drive and we don't need anyway. Marisa has a tendency to take 30 million shots, but maybe that is why she always gets the best ones. Even though the following doesn't have all the kids looking the right direction, I really like it. I seemed to capture the moment we were having really well.

We had great weather here in Seattle this past weekend so we tried to get out and do a lot while it was here. We went to a Japanese Garden to get some ideas on how to do our back yard. We really came away with some good inspiration. It was beautiful, but it didn't click for me when it came to taking photos. I'm a big contrast person and there were some almost overpowering pinks with a lot of greens of various colors. We got a cute one of Trey though.
With our three active boys we love taking action shots. This was spur of the moment so they are unfortunately in their PJ's and Bex is holding his blanket, but I love catching them in the air.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reptile Museum

So before we went to the tulip fields, we stopped at a reptile museum in Monroe, WA. It said it was open 365 days a year. Does anyone ever go on Christmas??? When we walked in it was hot (I guess reptiles are cold-blooded) and STINKY. They also have birthday parties there. I was happy to see later that they have cake & ice cream in a completely separate room.

Anyway, so this time blogger won't let me rearrange my pictures, so I'll have to tell my story out of order. They had several snakes that you could hold but Caeden didn't think that was such a good idea:

They had several strange animals, including a 2-headed turtle:
Caeden warmed up to the snake eventually...
Trey said the snake kept trying to get in his armpit:
And I couldn't resist this picture of Madison, she is such a doll! Trey and Beckham already fight over who's going to date her when they're teenagers. Seriously.
All the boys enjoyed petting the huge tortoises:
There was a crocodile AND an alligator:
And this turtle was older than my parents and had algae growing all over it:
Despite the stinkiness I would say it was a cute little place run by a nice family and if you're ever in the area (and your kids like that sort of thing) you should stop by.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Recent Activities in Reverse Order

For whatever reason, blogger won't allow me to upload more pictures to this post, so I'll start with the end and work backward. Yesterday we visited the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with our friends the Chapmans. First stop was the Roozengarde field, where I tried to keep the kids from trampling the flowers
Carried Caeden in strange positions because he had a rash hurting his bumAnd tried to get him down from the cool old school bus parked by the field

Please ignore my white trash hair, I didn't have time to blow dry it. Carson took beautiful and artistic photos of the lovely tulip fields

And a special bonus picture from last week:
Caeden was sleeping so I wasn't planning to pick Trey up from the bus stop (he is used to walking home by himself) and suddenly the heavens opened up and it started pouring rain and hailing intermittently. I looked at the clock and realized Trey was outside in the storm. I felt so badly for him that I ran to the car and drove down the street to get him. He waved to me and said "Isn't this awesome, Mom?" He wasn't sad to be caught in the rain at all! He was carrying his coat and letting the rain soak through his tee-shirt. He didn't even want to come inside when we got to the house, so I grabbed the camera and he played a little air guitar and danced around in the rain. What a crazy kid.