Monday, January 29, 2007


Caeden trying to lift his head at 2 weeks

Beckham trying to snuggle with his new favorite toy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I couldn't resist. Here is another funny part of Marisa's email about Beckham and his eating habits:

Beckham saw the string cheese in the fridge and started jumping
around, saying "cheese! cheese!" so I gave him one and before I
could even get the package back into the fridge he was letting me
know he wanted another one, and stuffed the last two-thirds of the
first one into his mouth so I would give him a second. Now he's
eaten a third one, part of mine, half the package of ham and a
whole apple.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


To see a short clip of Caeden click here.

More climbing

No pic for this entry because we don't want to encourage it by taking a picture and letting Bex think we want him to keep doing it (even though it is really cute).

Anyway, we keep Caeden in a pack and play in our room w/ the bassinet attachment (that basically is a new floor 1 foot from the top so that you don't have to reach all the way to the bottom) . It also has a changing table attachment above part of the bassinet. Beckham loves to snuggle with Caeden and still gets a big smile and says "Baby, baby, baby!" every time he sees him. Lately, when Marisa leaves Beckham for a split second up stairs to get something from another room or go to the bathroom, Bex has disappeared when she returns.

The first couple of times it took a few minutes to find him, but now we know...he crawls into the bassinet with Caeden and snuggles quietly with him. He got in trouble those first couple of times as well so he now sneaks his body under the changing table part and just leaves his head exposed so that he can put it right up next to the baby's. It really is cute, but a little scary too. Its nice to know that he loves his little brother so much and will even get into trouble to be with him.

Here, I found a pic online of the play yard

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Guess the baby?

Answers are posted at the bottom







Caeden 2 4 5 10
Bex 1 6 8 9
Tre 3 7 11 12

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Caeden is home now

As soon as the boys saw their new brother they couldn't wait to hold him. We knew that Tre would be very sweet and happy since he was when Beckham was born, but we didn't expect Bex to be quite so gentle and excited. Even today, three days later he says, "baby, baby, baby!" whenever he sees him as he jumps for joy.

My parents flew in to have some dental work done and see the new baby. It was great to have them here.

Tre loves to help out as much as he can with the baby.

Here is a pic from a couple of weeks ago. You may remember how we have struggled for weeks with him to go into his new bed when we took him out of his crib after falling out onto his head a few times. Every night he would cry forever. No, he is not the kind of kid to learn and give up, very dedicated. I hope he channels that dedication correctly later in life. Anyway, this is a picture (the worst it ever got so we had to take a picture) of what we find when he finally falls to sleep. About 2 weeks ago I came up with an idea. He has been doing a lot more if...then type of things. So I decided to try telling him that if he stays in his bed, I will leave the door cracked open. It worked! He stays in his bed most nights and falls asleep so that we don't have to return to this anymore...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Caeden Pond Calderwood

After 2 contractions and six pushes Caeden slipped into this world at 7:21 pm weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ounces. Marisa went to her Dr. appointment this morning and was told to go to the hospital and have her water broken. Once there and settled in she had her water broken and the contractions slowly built up to a regular pace. She had an epidural and everything went great.

More dark hair than either of the other babies.

Letting the world know that he is baby boy number three!

Friday, January 05, 2007

No baby yet...

Marisa is very ready to have the baby. She is tired of being sick, having a sprained ankle, no comfortable position to be in, constant hard contractions that never get regular enough to be labor, etc, etc. She is ready to trade all of that for a new baby. We are pretty set on the name Kaeden Pond Calderwood. We haven't decided on spelling so this is how I want to spell it. We like the name Dawson also, but I think Kaeden has edged it out. I definitely like the ae since the origin of the name is Gaelic and it means "spirit of battle" or "companion." And we wanted to give our third son a heritage name as well. Tre's middle name is Ben. That is Hebrew for "son of" and it is also the middle name of my father and his grandfather. I thought it would be cool to continue that on another generation especially as a middle name...Trevor - son of - Calderwood. Calderwood is a Scottish name (If eets not scoht-eesh, eets crrrap!). Beckham's middle name is Scott. We really like mono-syllable middle names with the long last name and two syllable first names. Finding a name for baby boy number three was very hard. We loved the originality and sound of Beckham so much it was hard to follow it up. If Kaeden/Caeden sticks then it already has its male heritage name so we chose Marisa's maiden name as his one syllable middle name. So much stress for a name, and as Shakespeare said, "What's in a name?" I guess if the Rose had a name that rhymed with more pleasant words than dose and foes, the poems would more often refer to the flower than its color...