Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break Carson Style

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past few days...

Bex has been pushing us to take him out to ride his bike all winter long. Now that the weather has gotten a little warmer and things are a little less crazy for us we couldn't put him off any longer. On his first try, first push without training wheels...

of all things...he said, "Let go Dad, I can do it myself!"

The county recently added a pathway near our home to the greenbelt that surrounds our development. The kids have also been pushing us to go for walks in the "forest." Again, we coudn't resist any longer. They are afraid we will get lost in the "forest" though or run into dangerous bears!

The only sign of life we saw were some deer and elk tracks.

Caeden did his usual jumping tricks.

It has snowed like 6-7 times this past month. We thought we moved to Seattle to get away from that. All I can say is bring on Global Warming, we need it here in Seattle!

Now that things have gotten back to normal we are excited to start on the yard again. Last year was mainly focused on putting in a fence, grass, topsoil, a few bushes, some huge rocks and a few bulbs.

I found a website that sells foods from various countries in Latin America. I was so excited to get some Argy food that I haven't had since going back with Marisa in 2001. It was great!

Caeden loves to pose for the camera, we have to sneak it up on the other boys. They were just as against the camera when they were the same age that Caeden is now so we hope he stays as positive about it as the others stayed negative. Its hard to want to take so many photos and not have subjects for them. We are a couple hundred pictures away from the 11,000 mark on our computer. That is after my nazi deletion tendency. We delete about 50% of what we take. I got my first digital camera in 1999 when we were married. It was a 1 megapixel Agfa and I was so excited. I edited those original pictures on Photoshop elements version 1. Things have come a long way.

Trey very excited for Crazy Hair day at school.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

At the beginning of the week, the weather was amazingly warm and sunny! Saturday and Sunday we spent almost all our non-conference time outside, and Monday and Tuesday it was SEVENTY degrees! Of course it couldn't last forever, and now we're back to cloudy and rainy.

So Monday we hiked up to Twin Falls in North Bend:
All the moms had toddlers on their backs:

What is it with boys and sticks?
At the end I let Caeden out for a bit and Beckham held his hand:

Tuesday we went to the park and I tried to take fun pictures of the kids with lollipops...

Trey's idea:

But it turns out that even with yummy props the Beckham and Trevor don't like to pose for many pictures. Caeden, on the other hand, is a total poser:
On Wednesday we went to my mom's house and divided her perennials so we could load up our trunk full of plants for our bare back yard! My mom told Beckham and Trey she'd pay them "a penny a pinecone" to clean up her yard. They worked hard and filled their bags with 750 pinecones!
They were pretty excited to earn $7.50!
Thursday we stayed home and had some friends over, and Caeden found my mascara:

I told you, he's such a poser. Last week Beckham had his Easter activity for preschool :

Mrs. Cloud and the class:
Caeden found the play food and was in heaven. Looks like he has a great future career option -
"Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?"
Last week we realized we had missed Girl Scout cookies this year, so Carson found a recipe on I made some shortbread cookies cut with the letter "O" cookie cutter and covered them with the coconut-caramel mixture from the recipe and melted chocolate... they were even better than the real thing! (name that album)
We recently reorganized the playroom closet and the boys discovered their dress-ups (AKA old Halloween costumes) - here's Caeden as Bumblebee:

And Trey and Becks as cowboy ninjas... or something.

We are kind of settling back into normal life now that Snoqualmie Falls Dental is up and running. Carson and I have been catching up on things around the house, and the boys seem to be a little more relaxed now that they see their dad once in a while. Hopefully it's all (okay, mostly) downhill from here!

Monday, April 06, 2009

The dirty E word

I normally keep my opinion stuff to my personal blog Conservative Cake and Liberal Icing. Many people have asked us about this subject so I thought I would post a link to my opinion blog for those that would like to hear me opine on the subject of evolution!