Sunday, June 02, 2013

Anniversary & Start of Summer

We had our 14th anniversary on the 29th and to celebrate we took a helicopter ride on Friday and went to lunch.   The weather was awesome and so was the experience.  We flew from Boeing field to Snoqualmie Falls going over the LDS temple, Marisa's parent's house, my practice, the falls, the Space Needle along with Bellevue, Seattle, Microsoft and Ballard.


Space Needle


Snoqualmie Ridge where I work

My office

Pond's house

We went camping in the back yard over Memorial Day Weekend.  The kids loved building a fire adn sleeping outside.

The week before I was invited to go skiing on Lake Washington with a friend.   The water was pretty nice and his boat was competition certified so the wake was almost non-existent when we skied then pretty big to board.  The first picture is me doing a not so great back flip that ended up with a back spasm :-(  Feeling the age of 40 coming on fast...

I hadn't skied more than once in the past 10+ years and I felt like with the super small wake and the lifting I've been doing over the past year enabled me to ski at least twice as good as I ever have before.  It was awesome!

Some cute pictures I couldn't resist posting.

Caeden's pizza pinewood derby car with his "extra pepperoni" to make weight.