Saturday, August 26, 2006

Baby Boy!

We had an early ultrasound because of a positive blood test for Spina Bifida. That is a condition where the spinal column or it encasing tissues do not form properly. We were a little worried and didn't tell anyone that was the purpose of our ultrasound (other than Carson's work so he could get it off). The ultrasound came and we found out that we had a false positive w/ the blood test! They physician also went over every body part in detail to assure us/him that there were no developmental problems of any kind. That was very reassuring and comforting. It also showed us that we were to have another boy. Carson had his hopes up that it would be a girl, but Marisa didn't want to so that she wouldn't be disappointed. Needless to say, Carson was more sad to not have his daddy's girl, but we were both overjoyed to know that the baby was so healthy. Here is a 3D picture from the ultrasound. The baby is only 16 weeks old (18 gestational) so it is still very skinny. It will be fun to see if it is more like Trey or Beckham since our two boys are at both ends of our genetic spectrum :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Crazy Summer

Summer has been pretty filled with much so that we are actually getting tired of it and want a break to kick back and take it easy. Last week we had a party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. They were pretty laid back going away and graduation parties, but it hasn't allowed us much time at home.

This week on thursday we went to the Seattle street of dreams. We took our camera to take pictures of things we would like to do in our house. There were six multi-million dollar homes that were way over the top, but it was fun to see how they did everything. One house had a book case that would move and give you access to a hidden stairwell. Down the stairs was a little TV/game room. Now, that is something that I would like to have!

On Friday we went to the Nickel Creek concert. That was amazing. They are Carson's favorite band. As usual, the summer weather was perfect. We ate dinner on the grass while the initial band played then enjoyed the concert on our blanket.

Saturday we went with the entire family this time for a ride on a 50 foot yatch out into the Sound. It was a lot of fun to be out on the big water and see all the sea creatures on the beaches. Trey's favorite part was all the clams squirting out water as the tide descended. We took off from there and dropped the kids off so that we could go to the Seahawks game. Marisa has never been before so it was fun to see all the excitement of an NFL game in a fairly new stadium.

We had some friends over on Sunday for icecream. It was fun to bounce all of our future home decorating ideas off of them.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

summer vacation

first off, there will be no capitalization in this post or any others until our new keyboard arrives. marisa was typing on it the morning of trey's birthday party and he decided to fill the water balloons by himself. he walked up to her with a full balloon and said mommy, i can't tie it... and of course it exploded all over the keyboard. anyway, we have had some fun the past few weeks as you can see in our latest pictures. we went to the king county fair in enumclaw and had a fun time. the boys loved to see the animals and do a couple rides. as you can see in the pictures trey got really scared on one of the roller coaster rides.

we also went to the beach with some of our friends last weekend -shakespears and allens - at a place called pacific beach state park. we played a lot of bocci ball and built things in the sand. it was a fun time to spend some time with good friends and experience a totally different beach from the del-mar-va ones that we are used to. we even got to drive on another beach, that would never happen on the east coast where you have to fight for your blanket spot on a sunny day.

we also have had the boys in swimming lessons and try to go to one of the four lakes by our house to swim when we can. the boys love getting wet and playing in the sand. we have to keep a close eye on beckham because he thinks he can breathe in water. when he gets his head under and swallows some water he acts like it was no big deal...crazy boy.