Thursday, April 24, 2008


After deleting potential titles to this post such as "Nazi HOA" or "Trapped in Communist Maple Valley" I decided against those for a more gentle "..." that is more along the lines of how I really feel. Our HOA is currently run by an agency rather than just by the residents because not all of the houses are sold (~5 left). We were digging the sprinkler system trenches as can be seen in the above photo and someone reported us as digging drainage trenches that would drain our water off onto the sloped common areas. Rather than Mr. Anonymous asking us what we were doing or having the HOA quickly come over to see we had to wait almost 3 weeks for approval or suffer a fine. I understand the benefits of an HOA that is run properly, but time delays like this over such simple solutions drive me nuts, (probably just my OCD again!). I resolved to go ahead anyway, but luckily the approval came the same day so we are started again. Now we can fill the ditches back in and hydroseed!

I know many of you use programs to stay caught up on people's blogs. I've mentioned to a few friends about tracking comments as well. I like to track the comments on the blogs of my best friends and family. Here's an explanation if you are interested...right click on the RSS feed button (in blogger it usually says "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" at the bottom) and select the options that says something like, "Copy Link Location." Paste that into a word document or your reader if it will let you edit it after pasting. Our blogs feed when copied will say, "" Change the word "posts" to "comments" and add it to your reader. It should read, "" Whenever anyone posts a comment to that blog you will be able to see it in your reader.

More good news for Seattle housing. Although we didn't buy at the peak we were afraid that we bought too close to it. Luckily housing prices here have been fairly stable in certain areas. We just learned that a house in the neighborhood with our same floor plan (minus 1 extra room and deck that we have) with a smaller yard and not as good of a view sold in less than one week for the same price that we bought ours! Here's to Micro$oft, Boeing and the tech industry helping our local economy.

Due to the lack of pix in this post I snapped a shot of an old photo I had in my car for a YM/YW activity. In the spirit of our good friend Collette's "Flashback Friday," here is an old flashback of mine. If you see any flashback posts out there on a blog, she was the originator. I have seen it spread directly to about 8 or so different others, so props to the original! This is a scout camp I went on and my leader printed the photo out for me (far left crazy guy in cowboy boots) because I was standing on the outside of the group. For some reason he said that was very fitting...

Monday, April 21, 2008


My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has been in full swing lately keeping me up late and from doing anything else until I get something done each night for the unpacking. We are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel as we have finished all the major items and started to put a few things up in the attic. We love being in the new house and the boys have done a pretty good job so far of not destroying it!

The weather has been crazy. We had some normal warm Seattle spring days, then on Friday Seattle set a record low. Here are some pix we took while it was nice outside.

Our move was during a snow fall that left us in 4" of snow and despite growing up in Utah I saw the largest falling snowflakes of my life!
Beck ran into one of the columns in our house and has a sweet reminder to not be crazy and run around the house...

We went to the Puyallup spring fair so that we could go to the demolition derby with our friends the Chapmans. I have always wanted to go to one so it was nice to check that off my "things to do before I die" list. We froze to death but still had a lot of fun.

Besides the finale of the demolition derby there were some crazy things like a car rolling contest. The cars used a ramp to see how many times they could get their cars to roll. The winner rolled 4 times! Needless to say the boys were very involved in watching this show. They also had races where the cars could hit each other as much as they wanted and the final demo was crazy! If you have never been it is more intense than you might think. We kept trying to get pictures of Jodee's shocked face while the different crazy events were going on, but my cheap little camera that we took was too slow.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Techno Anyone?

Things have been super crazy. To avoid looking like too much of a complainer I'll spare all the gory details. One of the worst things was our back yard being too muddy for the trencher so I had to dig all the sprinkler trenches by hand. Anyway, we are in desperate need of a little break.

I just got an email from one of my favorite Techno DJ's (who is LDS, see my previous post). He is coming to Seattle. Any of our friends in the Seattle area want to go to this concert with us on May third? Going to a techno house might be too much for many of you so I'm not afraid of this snowballing into too large of a group. Do you think you can handle it???

Send us an email, call or post a comment if interested.