Thursday, September 08, 2011

Family Video 2008 to 2010

Unfortunately I've lost a significant amount of my passion for video editing.  So it took a while to finish this video and its not as well done as I would like, but I was getting way too much video built up to let it go on much longer.  Also, my previous computer had issues handling some of the more complex renders that made it impossible to finish.  My new computer screamed through it and made finally finishing this project smooth and problem free!

The video is broken up into four parts since Vimeo has a 500 MB per file limit for free version.  It also has a 500 MB per week upload limit so I spread this across three accounts to get it all out at once.  The video starts with a weird intro.  It is my version of the Carmelo Anthony fans in Utah commercial that came out when the Jazz played the Nuggets.  If you've seen it, my intro will make sense.  If you haven't you can search for it or see it at the end of the fourth clip.

This will get imported into both Marisa and my Facebook pages so if you want the full quality version go here.